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  • I’ve never exercised routinely until 3 years ago.  I had always thought of exercise as boring and more like a chore.  At Fit Chicks Boot Camp I have a blast every day and get a great work out too. The workouts are always different and FUN! I’m always challenged and grow stronger every day. I feel better and more energized when I work out in the morning.  It starts my day off right and everyone around me notices I’m always in a good mood after my workouts.  I cannot put into words the level of support and encouragement I receive every morning from all of the women at Fit Chicks Boot Camp especially Katie Ly.  Katie continually encourages and inspires me to have the “can do” attitude.  Katie pushes me to do things I would never have thought I could do like run a 5K race.  Guess what….I did it and have run over 25 5K races.  Katie then encouraged me to try a 10K race.  Guess what….I did that too!  I’m amazed at what my body can do when I set my mind to accomplish a goal and Katie always gives me that extra push I need.  I am excited for my next big challenge and I am so grateful to have Katie in my life!

    Andrea Litle, Miamisburg, OH