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Here are some frequently asked questions for our South Dayton / Springboro / Centerville Fit Chicks Boot Camp:

How much does Fit Chicks Boot Camp cost?
My price reflects the personalized attention you will receive in a motivational and supportive group setting.   Fit Chicks pricing also reflects that fact that we are the ONLY fitness boot camp in the area that offers a FREE software diet analysis (a $200 value) with the cost of admission, created for you.

For detailed pricing options and to ENROLL NOW, simply sign up using our registration page.

What is the sign-up process?
New campers should visit our “First Time Campers Page” to download a registration ad waiver form. Both new and returning campers can select and pay for the camper package that meets their needs on our registration page.

What time and how often do you meet?
Boot camp is held Monday – Friday, from 5:30 am -6:30 am.

Where are you located?
We are located south of Dayton, in Centerville / Springboro area.

Do I have to wait until your next “session” to join?
Absolutely NOT!  It just doesn’t make sense to ask someone to WAIT to start an exercise program.   That’s why Fit Chicks Boot Camp operates on a rolling 4 Week schedule; so that you can begin at the time when YOU are ready to commit and begin your fitness journey.

Is boot camp held indoors or outdoors?
The answer is, “Yes!”    We actually LOVE to workout outdoors in the fresh air and under the stars during the early mornings from Mid-April thru late October.  I think all campers will agree that watching the sunrise each morning is one of the many things that makes  boot camp such an unique and special workout experience.

During the late fall and early spring months, we workout indoors at South Metro Sports, which offers the largest gymnasium in the area!   With over 4 basketball courts, our indoor space gives us more than enough room to do all kinds of fun team-based and theme-based workouts.

What do I need to bring to camp?
You will need an exercise mat, one pair of 5lb or 8lb dumbbells, and a water bottle.   There is a water fountain inside South Metro Sports if you forget your bottle of water.  Other optional equipment might include a pair of inexpensive weight gloves and a towel.

Besides an awesome workout, what else can I expect from Fit Chicks Boot Camp?

  • A daily dose of motivation and inspiration from your instructor and fellow boot campers
  • A FREE and totally awesome looking dri-fit Fit Chicks Boot Camp workout top!
  • A  comprehensive software diet analysis created just for you.
  • A complete physical assessment to capture your measurements, weight, body fat, lean muscle mass, and more. 
  • Total support and expertise from Veteran Instructor, Katie Ly.   Katie Ly also owns her own Fitness company, KTO Fitness LLC and is a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
  • Personalized attention in a group setting – Katie will modify any exercise to meet your personal needs, so Fit Chicks Boot Camp works for everyone, regardless of fitness level or ability.
  • A Weekly Newsletter providing you with fitness tips, healthy recipes, nutritional counseling, and motivation to keep your wellness goals in sharp focus.

What are the workouts like?
I suppose you could sum up the workouts in three words: challenging, varied, and FUN!   Each day, we target different muscle groups using a variety of resistance training – including body weight, dumbbells, kettle bells, battle ropes, banana steps, bands, tubes, jump ropes, stability balls, and more.  To jack up the heart rate and burn off the fat, we add plenty of  plyometrics, and cardio conditioning.   You get the idea, we like to mx it up a bit.  This keeps the workouts fresh so you never get bored and also ensures that your body does not adapt to the exercises.    Our workouts are FUN!  We incorporate team-based exercises and fun-themed exercise games, so you’ll have a great time with your fellow campers while getting a superb workout!    Equally as important, is the strong emphasis that Katie places on proper form technique and core stabilization, so that you maximize your efforts and  and also reduce the risk of injury.

Do I have to be very fit to join Fit Chicks Boot Camp?
No. Take a look around at our camp and you will find women of every age, body shape, and fitness level well represented.  We know that fitness is a life-long journey, not a destination.  Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are looking for a new way to jumpstart your exercise routine, the women of Fit Chicks all share the common goals of fitness and wellness.

Should I expect to be sore sometimes?
If you are new to camp and just getting back into the fitness, you should expect to feel some  muscle soreness in the first 2-3 days.   Although you will be working according to your own best effort, I will push you to Challenge Your Limits; that’s how you progress and achieve great results.

What will I do after I use all my classes?
I would suggest completing a post-camp physical assessment so that you can track your success and hard work!   More than 80% of the campers return for subsequent camps because they find it to be such a positive experience.  Also, they value the connections, motivation, and support they get from their fellow campers.

If you would like to continue your journey with Fit Chicks, returning veteran campers can register here. 

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Why women in Dayton, Ohio love our Fit Chicks Boot Camp for women:

  • As a 50 year old out of shape, overweight, busy woman, signing up for Fit Chicks Boot Camp was one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. The “work at your own pace” type work-outs, coupled with motivation by Katie and others, has helped me lose 25 pounds since I started about 5 months ago. While I am still not in great shape, I am getting better with every workout. I would recommend this for anyone.

    Kelly Klipinger, Dayton, OH